Bóithre Bána, 2009
For soprano and vc; Duration c.5’.

Preformed by: the NMC duo Sarah Leonard and Robin Michael. 12 June 2009.
Laura Bowler and Antonio Novis. 26 September 2009.
Concorde, the National Art Gallery of Ireland. 19 October 2009.
Elizabeth Hilliard and Kate Ellis, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, 23 February 2011.
Concorde, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, 28 September 2011.
Concorde, Rubican Gallery, Dublin 13 November 2011.

A segment of Bóithre Bána starts at 1:53

Only in Sleep, 2008
For soprano and pno; Duration c.3’ 20”.

Workshopped at the Royal Academy of Music, London. 13 May 2008.
Performed by: Katie Bray and Catherine Dillon, David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music. 25 November 2008,
Elizabeth Hilliard and David Bremmer, Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall of Ireland. 27 January 2010. CMC Dublin, 19 September 2014.

Ceithre Cuileog ar Phána Glione, 2008
For 3 small a capella choirs (twelve parts); Duration c.6’.

Commissioned by Pegasus choir as part of the London Organ Day 2008.
Performed by: Pegasus choir, of London Boys School. 8 March 2008.